About Us

Maarifa Consult Ltd  officially begun its work  in 2009.The company has grown over the years and now it is operational in all districts of Uganda, with head office in Kampala-Ntinda Kiwatule Road. The firm provides high quality Consultancy services to Government agencies, NGOs, Individuals, Business organizations and other interested parties locally and internationally.

The firm focuses on the provision of Consultancy services in Research, Capacity Building, Resource Mobilization, Grant writing, Human Resource Development, Project Designs, Monitoring and Evaluations, Impact Assessments, Organization capacity Assessment, Organisation diagnosis, Strategic Planning, Institutional Development, Gender Assessment, NGO and Company registration.

The firm is made up of innovative, highly qualified, and dynamic professionals of diverse disciplines trained in worldwide environments. Their common specialty is that they are self-starters, reliable and have a good understanding of the local conditions in Uganda, the region and World at large. We emphasize coordination and cooperation among all project team members, meeting project schedules, performing services within established budgets and implementing quality assurance based on the highest professional and ethical standards.

Be a pinnacle of excellence in providing consultancy services in East Africa.
Our Mission
Our mission is To Enhance Individuals and Organization Success.

Our goal is hinged on two “Es”-Effectiveness and Efficiency. Our services are fully integrated and strengthened through partnerships with local NGOs.

Integrity, Creativity, Excellence and Accountability


  • To carry out quality, basic and applied  research
  • To build capacity for organizations and individuals
  • To promote and facilitate knowledge management and dissemination.
  • To facilitate and strengthen partnerships between researchers, policy makers, civil society and the private sector.
  • To offer consultancy and advisory services in Management, Social Security reform, Organizational Development, Strategic Human Resource Planning, Development and Management, Poverty and Development Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Lobbying, Policy Analysis and Advocacy, and Development and Gender.
  • To offer training in Project Planning and Management, Resource Mobilization and fund raising, Research methodology, Proposal and report writing,  Training of Trainers, Participatory Rural Appraisal, Organizational Development and Institutional Building, Gender Analysis and Mainstreaming, Leadership Skills and Team building, Result Oriented Management, Report Writing, Supervisory Skills, Prevention and Detection of Corporate Fraud, Performance Appraisal, Public Relations and Customer Care, Time Management and Effective Meeting, Stress management, Negotiation Skills and Public Speaking, Strategic Communication and Management .
  • To empower nonprofit and profit organizations in Uganda ad outside Uganda

We have been there, managed boards, raised funds, started organization, managed finances, trained leaders, built organization structures, monitored and evaluated projects, designed programs, conducted grant-project research.

We believe in long term partners and results.

Our goal is to offer tailor-made practical services which fit your organization