Policy Advocacy and Engagement ( March 25th and 26th 2016 )

Date: March 25th and 26th 2016
Venue: Ntinda Ministers Village


Non Ugandans: 66 USD
Ugandans: 200,000UGX
Includes:  Materials, Breakfast, Lunch and Certificates

Training Outcomes

  • Gain insight into the public policy perspective central to framing policy advocacy-oriented communication tools;
  • Understand how policy papers, as the main example of policy communication tools, can support an evidence-based decision-making process;
  • Build insight into a strategic approach to planning an advocacy campaign
  • Analyze and reflect upon strategies for increasing the likelihood of achieving desired policy influence in the writing and using of policy papers;
  • Build insight into the structure and advocacy purposes of the two main types of policy papers: the policy study and policy brief;
  • Compare the differences between traditional academic writing and applied real world policy writing;
  • Deepen understanding through analysis of relevant policy case studies & real world policy papers;
  • Determine a suitable focus and objective for an advocacy campaign targeting the local policy context;
  • Build insight into the nature of persuasive advocacy messages.



This training is intended for civil society and non-civil practitioners who have interest in learning advocacy Work