Saturo Waalabyeki

Saturo Waalabyeki (B.EDI, PGCert MME, PPM Cert, PGDOD, PGDME, MBA, MME), Saturo is a senior partner and a Principal Consultant at Maarifa Consult. He has had extensive exposure and experience working in a multi-cultural environment, donor funded Organizations and Consulting Firms. Having worked in many local and International NGOs from operational to strategic levels, Saturo has gained a lot of experience in NGO technical work.  Saturo has worked as a Private lecturer at Makerere School of Statistics and Applied Economics for short courses such as Project Planning and Management, Resource Mobilization, Project Monitoring and Evaluation. Currently Saturo is a member of Uganda Evaluation Association (UEA) and heads Finance, Planning and Resource Mobilization Committee at Uganda Evaluation Association (UEA). He has previously worked with both local and international NGO such as international, COD-Africa, Compassion International, Christian Alliance International, Sustainainable Agriculture International, Nurture Africa and Rural Change.

He has developed training manuals and conducted facilitated in various workshops for many NGOs in the areas of Human Resource Development, Gender mainstreaming, Management Skills Improvement, Project Planning, Resource Mobilization, program management, acquisition management, Community Mobilization, Monitoring and Evaluation. With over 15 years of experience in the development, management and presentation of training programs and courses. He has authored numerous training manuals for different NGOs. And he has presented many seminars and skills training packages across the country with most of his working resulting from personal referrals and long-term clients. Having trained such a large number and wide variety of professionals from so many organizations, Saturo is able to deliver a high-quality training to diverse    audiences.