MAARIFA CONSULT   builds long-term partnerships with local organizations, supporting their work to improve the quality of their program implementation. We build on local knowledge and design innovative solutions to overcome organization challenges, by,


We conduct independent evaluations and assessments of national and regional projects, programs, development initiatives and communication campaigns and products. Using quantitative and qualitative research methods is at the core of our work. We strive to add value to public and private sector partners, donors and development organizations, by providing accurate, insightful and cost-effective solutions to enhance program performance. We have evaluated donor-funded projects of all sizes, from small community initiatives to large $ 5 million USD.


We work with our clients to plan out and manage both projects and programs from start to finish, delivering them in a more cost effective manner while not sacrificing quality. We provide our clients executive and senior level program and project focused services. Our service offerings include a formal yet tailored approach to client needs. Regardless of where your organization stands in terms of planning the work or executing, we offer services to help you succeed.


As a learning organization, we focus our facilitation and training services on enabling development practitioners and their beneficiaries to access a range of quality educational events, projects and initiatives that help to build capacity in both organizations and the communities they serve.


Starting a nonprofit organization can be an inspiring way to give back to your community and help those in need. However, registering an NGO in Uganda is has never been easy. The process is so tedious and time consuming. Come to Maarifa Consult we shall help you do all donkey work for you. We are here to help you start one and do all the Registration process for you.


We conduct analytical and comprehensive research, with an ability to write for readers from various audiences and a capacity for exact editing. Our dedicated team has experience creating research strategies, synthesizing and analyzing findings and compiling comprehensive research reports


We coach leaders to bring their organization to the next level and mentor high-potentials to take off and fly on their own. We help to build up teams to perform better and run trainings based on best practices. We offer strategic advice, campaigning and organizational support across a wide range of different environmental and social issues as well as empowering management support techniques. Our team has been working in the area of NGO management and development for more than 20 years


We provide a range of services to help you effectively manage grant programs, ensuring the highest standards of accountability. Our priority, when your grant is funded, is to support you in implementing a quality program that produces results. As your ongoing partner, we take on the frustrating details of grants management to help you keep your program on track.

  • Grant writing
  • Assisting with Budget Management
  • Preparing for Monitoring Calls and Site Visits
  • Assisting with Sustainability Planning
  • On-site Grant Writing Training
  • Report writing
  • Donor Research

We strive to establish a meaningful and ongoing partnership with you that supports program implementation and advances your organization’s strategic initiatives.


With over 10 years of experience in conducting Organisational capacity assessments (OCA) to both local and international NGOs, we will help you move your organization toward achieving its goals.

We offer an objective, independent, unbiased review that helps you be a more effective agent for change.


We support and place local and international graduates to gain significant work experience by interning in Uganda non-profit organizations in need of their skills. We place international interns with a wide range of NGOs, and seek to develop long-term relationships with host organizations who can host and benefit from the programme. The internships we facilitate are highly customized to ensure that both interns and host organizations benefit from volunteerism. MAARIFA CONSULT   helps to connect, link and refer volunteers NGOs with such opportunities. We advertise and publish volunteer opportunities on our website that exists in our partner organizations.


Tender writing is time consuming and requires multiple skills. At Maarifa Consult, we know what a winning tender looks like. We can help guide you through the tender process or undertake the entire tender process for you, from the initial analysis of the tender documents to identifying what’s required, gathering information, structuring the response and ensuring that the tender is lodged on time.


Maarifa Consult is here to assist you with all of your staffing, employee well-being, and recruitment needs.  We offer a variety of services including consulting and external advertising. We understand how complicated it can be to implement various HR policies, Collective Agreement standards, and overall better management practices in your departments.  We are here to help! 

Our HR Consultants are well-seasoned professionals, demonstrate best-practices whenever possible, and strive to offer the best service to all of their clients.  As such, we are here to assist you with all of your Human Resources functions, including:

  • Coordination of all recruitment processes
  • Job postings
  • Providing advice concerning appropriate recruitment practices
  • Advising & assisting with online recruitment procedures
  • Approving postings
  • Advising & assisting with the interview process
  • Advising & assisting in determining successful candidates and developing selection justification
  • Making job offers and assigning appropriate step placement