“Thank you Maarifa Consult Ltd; The inclusion of monitoring and evaluation, and resource Mobilization/Sustainability into the training was an eye opener for the staff as it went beyond best practices in implementing NFI/Shelter activities to how community participation can be harnessed to ensure the sustainability of the interventions”. (Jackson G. Mungoni Head of Programme, Polish Humanitarian Action in South Sudan)

“Organisations that wish to improve the performance of an M&E system in their organization through Mobile based Technology for M&E can Train with Maarifa Consult.” Steven Ochola, M&E specialist ACDI/VOCA.

The Training on GIS for M&E has been very enlightening and approach employed by MAARIFA CONSULT very appropriate to pass on the skills for GIS. The newly acquired GIS skills are very instrumental in my role as statistician/M&E officer especially in the preparation of Management of Reports and presentation of spatial data. Thank you Maarifa Consult. Andrew Opaadi, Statistician/M&E officer, Uganda Road Fund

The GIS use in M&E training was an eye opener for my work. I will use the skills I have learned to improve my work.Thank you Maarifa Consult team. Tumuhe Javis Levi, M&E office, Grants Management unit, TASO

The GIS training has made me more relevant to my work at SELF HELP AFRICA and to the world at large. I can now create maps of any intervention area and I can also integrate GIS in my M&E.Neikasa Dorothy, Program Coordinator, Self Help, Africa

“Water Mission is glad to have been part of Maarifa Consult Training especially on Open Data Kit (ODK).As an organization we shall replace the paper collection forms because with ODK you can minimize human errors, you can collect massive data in a short time and at a small budget.” Susan Audo, Wash Specialist Water mission Uganda.

“The training in ODK was well executed by a team of professionals from Maarifa Consult Ltd. I particularly admired the commitment and practical approach to the training, coupled with engagement of the participants”  Agaba M. Innocent, In charge of M&E @ Microfinance Support Centre, Uganda

“The Maarifa training on data management enabled us to spread the expertise and responsibility of some crucial aspects of our M&E beyond the core M&E staff since it was attended by other Nnon M&E staff. We can now effectively share the responsibility of data management from tools development throughout the entire cycle.” RICHARD WANZALA, Program Manager, Restless Development.

“I’ve worked with Maarifa consult Ltd during the end of project Evaluation for a USAID project.I was very happy with their service. There has been a nice level of consistency in service, professionalism, and communication from the specialist consultants.” Michael Lam, Project Director, Voice of Freedom, Magwi, South Sudan

“The training, especially on ODK, has been productive. It has been an eye-opener to our team. My team and I have been empowered enough and I believe the transition from paper surveys to digital is possible. It Saves time and money. Indeed it is a training we recommend other people to train in. We shall use the skills gained to help our organization.” Vincent Kamara, M&E Coordinator (SMGL Project), Baylor-Uganda.

“The ODK Workshop has been one of most exciting Workshops I ever attended. There were 95% hands-on Training. It is exciting to see myself able to load a questionnaire on a phone in just an instant!” Dr.Anne Ampaire Musika Lecturer/ Epidemiologist, Makerere University.

“My experience with Maarifa Consult Ltd has been exceptional. They truly ‘partner’ with both the organization and the individual client; they work within Organisational parameters but are not constrained by these arrangements if it compromises the well-being of the individual; Bobson Everett, Executive director, Rural Change international

“Maarifa Consult provided extremely qualified staff to assist our organization with reviewing their current goals and objectives. Their knowledge of the challenges faced by non-profits was instrumental in helping us to formulate new goals and objectives that reflect the work of the organization. By doing so, the Board’s work is more focused and directed toward issues that are important to the growth of our organization.” Denis Musyoka Country manager, New frontiers Uganda.

“The Training provided us with an opportunity to appreciate the need to integrate ICT into efficient M&E activities. The practical steps for generating real-time data with the mobile telephone is a novel way of enhancing data quality. If you want to improve data quality and management, take advantage of your smart phone-ODK application I recommend people train with Maarifa Consult.” Francis Ssebiryo M&E Advisor, Spring/Uganda, Home Fortification pilot project.

“I have participated in M&E and ICT Training organized by Maarifa Consult. The training is very useful to me hence it has broadened my knowledge on mobile data collection especially the use of Open Data Kit (ODK).I will use the knowledge acquired from the training to improve my M&E department.” Juma Mwenga, Monitoring and Results Manager, Legal Services Facility (LSF)-Tanzania.

“This training has been the basement of my engagement truly with my capacity built and at the moment, more than three proposals have been written through the knowledge I had gained, Bravo to the mobilizers and facilitators” Okwera John Oola, Children of the World Foundation (COW Foundation)

“The Resource Mobilization Training came at the right time that my Organization needed such great skills to be able to transform our resource base, the trainers made the training so interactive and rich in content”. Godfrey Canwat, Executive Director, Hope, and Peace for Humanity (HPH), Gulu.

“A week after resources mobilization at Minister’s Village Hotel-Kampala a team responded to SDS-USAID RFA, we emerged second best technical proposal submitted” Peter Ogenga Programs Coordination-COW Foundation-Uganda.

“The ODK training was a most interesting 3-day session. It helped me not only get a prolific hands-on experience in how to use the ODK suite but I also garnered a lot of from the experience of the facilitator about the nuances of carrying out surveys in our setting and using the plethora of ODK based software out there. I would definitely recommend this training to technical and mid-level staff in any organization interested in research. Quentin Awori, MPH Specialist, Engender Health –Kenya

“The workshop Resource Mobilization Workshop I attended was in 2013 and it was most motivating and life-changing” Oketayot Caesar Founder & Executive Director. (TCVSO-UGANDA)

“For us at MAM we are so grateful for your insightful training. We were inspired from the first attendance in 2013 and since then we have not looked back”. Maria, Executive Director, Mothers for African Mission

“As for me, the workshop was an eye opener as far as partnerships are concerned; much as we need partners, knowing the benefits from a particular partnership, as well as the likely barriers/challenges before entering it is important”. Juliet Nambuubi, Field officer (Uganda Martyrs University Outreach Directorate)

Mweva Centre being a young organization working with disadvantaged youths like other new organizations, we found it difficult to attract funding, attending a seminar by maarifa enlightened us and has given our organization a direction and hope of attracting funding. Abduallah mukisa, Administration Manager, Mweva Centre for Information Technology Developing Initiative. (MCITEDI)