Training Course on Qualitative Data Analysis using NVIVO on 24th to 26th, July, 2016 in Kampala

What is NVIVO?

NVivo is one of the most demanded, powerful and widely used research packages for the analysis of qualitative data. It allows you to organize, code, search and analyze text documents (e.g. interviews and focus group transcripts, diaries, articles) as well as multimedia.

The Need for NVIVO

Qualitative researchers conduct projects that require analysis and interpretation of different unstructured and semi structured datasets, such as observations of how people behave and interact in various settings, focus groups, open and semi structured interviews, field notes, documents and other rich qualitative data sets. Rigorous scholarly exploration of such datasets requires not only mastery of the analytical techniques that underpin different approaches of qualitative inquiry, but also mastery of analytical tools that support systematic, systemic and transparent data analysis and interpretation process.

Training aim

This hands-on workshop aims to provide participants with foundational knowledge to start their own NVivo research project and sufficient competences to learn more advanced techniques of computer-assisted text, video, audio and other data analysis independently.

Training Details/Outline

Session 1: Introducing NVivo and Setting up a project
Session 2: Importing and Coding Documents
Session 3: Working with your themes and ideas and shaping your findings
Session 4: Importing and coding other items
Session 5: Exploring your data
Session 6: Classifying and Categorizing Data
Session 7: Grouping your data: collections and links
Session 8: Exploring your data
Session 9: Models and relationships
Session 10: Visualizing your data
Session 11: Reporting and presenting your findings

Training Fees: Ugandans: 400,000 UGX International: 200 USD
Venue: Ntinda Ministers Village Hotel

Date: 24th -26th /July/2016

For whom the course is intended: It is intended for individuals and organizations that want to ease their qualitative data Analysis (Researchers, M&E, Specialists, students)

Duration: This is a 3 days training program

Benefits: 95% practical sessions, Certificate of completion, networking and follow up after training. Each session consists of the introduction to general qualitative data handling and analysis principles mixed with participants’ hands on work trying these techniques in NVivo. A list of self-learning resources for follow-up learning of data handling and analysis techniques will be provided.

Payment details

Those Paying in UGX can pay through

  • Account Name: Maarifa Consult
  • Bank: Stanbic Bank
  • Account Number: 9030010504731
  • Branch: Ntinda, Branch
  • Account Type: Uganda Shillings Account (UGX)
  • You can deposit cash or write a Check in the Name of “MAARIFA CONSULT”

Those paying in USD can pay through

  • Account Name: Maarifa Consult Ltd
  • Bank: KCB Bank
  • Account Number: 2203269251
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  • Branch: Forest Mall, Kampala
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  • After Payment,please send a proof of payment to the email below

How to Apply

Interested individuals can Apply through the website
Or send an email requesting for a registration form to: