Training Course on Technology for M&E /Research Using Open Data Kit (ODK) in Kampala, (25th to 28th.April.2018)

Training Course on Technology for M&E /Research Using Open Data Kit (ODK) in Kampala, (25th to 28th.April.2018)

 Background of Maarifa Consult

“MAARIFA” is a Swahili word meaning knowledge. Maarifa Consult Ltd is a private firm which started in 2009 in Uganda. The company was formed to provide technical support to both local and international NGOs in East Africa. The Company is operational in all districts of Uganda, with head office in Kampala-Ntinda Kiwatule Road. We provide high-quality Consultancy services to, Government agencies, NGOs, Individuals, Business organizations and other interested parties locally and internationally.
The firm focuses on the provision three Core Areas and these include; EVALUATION, RESEARCH & CAPACITY BUILDING/TRAINING

We are specialists in Project Designs, Evaluations, Impact Assessments, Organization capacity Assessment, Organization diagnosis, Strategic Planning, Institutional Development, Gender Assessment, Emergency Assessment, livelihoods assessment and Analysis, Gender Analysis, Food Security, Agriculture value Chains, Emergency Planning & Management, and Human Resource Development.

Maarifa Consult team is well versed with innovative integrated approaches to monitoring and evaluation and Research which are used to produce quality and credible work for our clients. These innovation approaches include; Mobile Data Collection Technology using Open Data Kit (ODK), Survey CTO, iformbuilder, Geographic Information systems (GIS), Qualitative data analysis using Nvivo and Atlas.ti, Multi-level Mixed Evaluation Method, Outcome Harvesting, Real-Time Reporting and  Data visualization, Complex data analysis, utilization-focused evaluation, Advanced Excel. Maarifa Consult Ltd is the leading organization in Training these innovative applications in Uganda and in the region.

Introduction to ODK

Data Kit (ODK) is a set of open source applications which allow one to create a questionnaire form in the Xform format, fill it out on a mobile phone or tablet running the Android operating system, store and view the aggregated information on a central server, and retrieve the aggregated data to one’s computer for analysis. Data capture includes GPS coordinates for real-time mapping of responses in Google Maps, or near-real-time once the surveyor has an Internet connection to send the collected forms back to the server. Whether you’re a seasoned mobile apps user or new to mobile apps especially for data collection, this course will allow you to quickly get grips on with ODK for both simple and more complex tasks during your data management process. This course also plays a vital role in minimizing both time and resources used right from data collection all through the data management process and also make analyses easier. The Participants will also be introduced to KOBO as a Platform for designing tools, collect data, store and analyze data.

If you have the following questions, then ODK training is the Answer for you

  • How do I Improve my organization’s ability to collect high-quality field data?
  • How do I Increase access to my organization’s field data by making data available for analysis in real-time?
  • How do I eliminate unnecessary costs such as questionnaire printing costs, the cost of hiring data entrants, the cost of purchasing Expensive devices?
  • How will do I collect multiple data types (GPS, audio, video, bar-codes, structured survey data etc) using a single device?
  • How do I collect and store data in real time?
  • How do I easily analyze data using in the shortest time possible?
  • How do I report in real time?


Course Objectives

  1. To enable the individual to create X-forms compliant questionnaire using three different applications which will include, skip logic, graphical questions, cascading question types, input value control, multiple languages, media, and geo-location input.
  2. To enable the participant to install and manage a central server on the Windows platform to aggregate the data or use one of the free online storage services.
  3. To enable the participant to learn how to set the various parameters of the Android application for optimal usage.

 Course Content

  1. Introduction to mobile phone data collection
  2. Setting up the aggregate server with Google App Engine
  3. Uploading the form to aggregate & send to Android phone
  4. Designing & building a form using ODK Build
  5. Setting server preference on android phone
  6. Data collection
  7. Submitting completed data to the aggregate server
  8. Exporting data from ODK Aggregate as CSV
  9. Importing ODK – CSV file into statistical applications
  10. Exporting GPS data for Mapping/Visualizing (fusion map)

Training Outcomes

By the end of the Training, the participants should be able to:

  1. explain the purpose of ODK
  2. use each of the tools of ODK set of applications
  3. create a questionnaire form using three different applications
  4. manage the aggregate central server in terms of users, rights, form uploads/downloads, filters, and exports
  5. read and modify and/or debug a form in its XML format
  6. download, use and set the parameters of ODK collect for optimal use=
  7. incorporate advanced form features such as picture questions, cascading, repeat groups, multilingualism, calculated variables, photo and sound variables, and graphic annotation
  8. geotag forms and visualize them on a map

 Training Fees: Ugandans: 450,000UGX and International Participants: 200 USD
Training Venue: Nob View Hotel-Ntinda

For whom the course is intended: It is intended for individuals and organizations that want to ease their data collection, analysis and reporting process.

Duration: This is a 3 days training program.

Benefits: 95% practical sessions, Certificate of completion, networking and follow-up after training.

 Payment details

Those Paying in UGX can pay through

  • Account Name: Maarifa Consult
  • Bank: Stanbic Bank
  • Account Number:9030010504731
  • Branch: Ntinda, Branch
  • Account Type: Uganda Shillings Account (UGX)
  • You can deposit cash or write a Check in the Name of “MAARIFA CONSULT”

Pay and Register before 20th /April /2018

Note: After Payment, please send a proof of payment to the email below

 How to Apply: Interested individuals can apply through the website
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