Training Workshop on ICT in Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (18th -22nd January 2016)

Rational for ICT in Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Many Organizations have increasingly embraced ICT in Monitoring and Evaluation process due to the fact that ICT has changed the nature of M&E systems by allowing more people to Participate. By allowing project managers to analyze data better and to make decisions more quickly. New ICT tools have made monitoring faster and more accurate.  Using mobile phones have also helped to reach out to a wider group, and get feedback from the communities they serve. Some of the new ICT-enabled visualizations tools, including maps, graphs and charts have made it easier to analyze the data and share information back to the community. And so many organizations are transferring from paper surveys to a mobile format.

Therefore, the Training Workshop will introduce you to tools and techniques to measure and report project/programme outcomes to your stakeholders, including donors, funders, supervisors or the general public using innovative ICT based tools. At the end of the course, you will become familiar with the components of an effective monitoring and evaluation plan using ICT, and methods and tools to conduct data collection, statistical analysis and reporting.

Training Days and Dates

18th -22nd (Five days)

The five days for Training will be devoted on building skills and knowledge to better collect, manage, analyze and visualize data using a variety of tech tools. It will feature interactive guest expert presentations with leading M&E practitioners and data. It will also include a unique hands-on learning environment with technology demos, practical activities and networking events.

Training Venue

Ntinda Ministers Village Hotel-Ntinda

Training Fees

  • 350,000, UGX for Ugandans
  • 150 USD for Non-Ugandans

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and analyze the Benefits and Challenges of Using Information Technology in M&E
  • Manage specific software platforms and tools for monitoring and evaluation activities
  • Develop tools and techniques to gather data for project
  • Design dynamic and effective strategies for using tools and platforms improve monitoring and evaluation efforts
  • Design, manage and implement mobile data collection tools for monitoring and evaluation
  • Develop critical self-confidence for working with technology to address monitoring and evaluation challenges.


  • All Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists
  • All Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officers
  • All Project or programme Managers or Representatives
  • All project staff within CSOs
  • All Research Scholars and Students
  • All Data Analysts
  • All Researchers

Training Requirements

  • Laptops/Tablets/Smart phone

Summary of training outline (Detailed Training Outline will be given on reporting day)

  • Introduction to ICT (Mobile based) in M&E
  • Integrating ICT in your Organization M&E system
  • ICT based M&E Software, Hardware and OS
  • Advanced ICT Tools for M&E ( Mobile Phone and Tablet PC based data collection, storage and Reporting)
  • Mobile based Data Collection Technology for M&E/Researcher
  • Mobile based Data Analysis and Visualization Technology (Evaluation)
  • Mobile based Reporting Technology
  • Using Social Media as a Platform for Reporting
  • Integrating Technology-Enabled M&E
  • Writing an effective M&E report

Some of the Platforms to Use

  • Open Data Kit (ODK)
  • Magpi
  • Frontline SMS
  • Crowd Map
  • Survey CTO
  • Etc

 Training Benefits

-Notes in soft copies


-Free ICT Softwares for M&E

-Certificate of Completion

-Speeches from Expert

 Register ONLINE. 1st January 2016 is the deadline for Registration online (Registration is on First come basis)