Meet our Team

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Saturo Waalabyeki (B.EDI, M&ECert, PPMCert, PGDOD, PGDM&E, MBA, MM&E), Saturo is a Principal Consultant at Maarifa Consult Ltd. He has had extensive exposure and experience working in a multi-cultural environment, donor-funded Organizations and Consulting Firms. Having worked in many local and International NGOs from operational to strategic levels, Saturo has gained a lot of experience in NGO technical work. Saturo has worked as a Part-time lecturer at Makerere School of Statistics and Applied Economics and School of social sciences. Currently, Saturo is a member of Uganda Evaluation Association (UEA) and heads Finance, Planning, and Resource Mobilization Committee. He has previously worked with both local and international NGO such as AMG international, COD-Africa, Compassion International, Christian Alliance International, Sustainable Agriculture International, Nurture Africa and Rural Change.

With over 15 years of experience in the development work, he has facilitated in various training workshops for many NGOs both local and international in the areas of Human Resource Development,Disaster and Development,Shelter & Settlement Planning,Policy Advocacy and Engagement,Shelter & Settlement planning in emergency communities, Gender mainstreaming, Management Skills Improvement, Project Planning, Resource Mobilization, program management, acquisition management, Community Mobilization, Monitoring and Evaluation.Most of his work results from personal referrals and long-term clients. Saturo is able to deliver a high-quality training to diverse audiences.

 500Dr.Atuhairwe Marion, (BA, MSc, MBA, Ph.D.), is a Senior Consultant at Maarifa Consult with Social Development, Gender studies, Research and Rural development expertise. She has significant experience in working with donor agencies and funding mechanisms for civil society. She worked as a Development consultant and undertook consultancies for many institutions such as African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF), U. K. Dept. for International Development (DFID); World Bank Institute (WBI), Ltd and World Vision Kenya etc

100 (4)Eric Obscherning is an adjunct Consultant for Strategy & Marketing at Maarifa Consult. Eric has a lot of experience in International development specializing in the area of Global Health. He is also Community Organizer at Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network and a social entrepreneur in the USA. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, English, and Global Health from University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). His main areas of competence are program/project design, monitoring and evaluation, research and development, change management, writing, partnership development, and volunteer services, especially in early-stage growth environments.

100 (1)Twesase Dennis, (BASS, MBA, PGDPPM) is a Researcher/Consultant with Maarifa Ltd and a Senior Lecturer at Makerere University.His main areas of competence are development management, Organizational Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Business Management, Strategic planning, program design, and appraisals, Policy Advocacy, NGO Management, Participatory Research, Performance / Progress monitoring, conducting project evaluations; Baseline, mid-term and end of project evaluations, OVC and Child Rights Programming, Training and Facilitation Skills, and Organizational development facilitation.

Torsten_Mandal FOTOTorsten Mandal (MSc, PhD)Joined our team in 2016 as an agronomist/Agriculturalist.He is a senior consultant at Maarifa Consult LTD with specialization in tropical crops, soils and agroforestry with a focus in East and Central Africa since 1983. He is a senior international expert with several years’ experience from rural Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ghana since 1983 in collaboration with leading organisations like ICRAF, CARE, Danida, Sida, Vi Agroforestry, Kenya Forestry Research Institute, University of Copenhagen, Ghana Education Service, Volta Region Agricultural Development Project, Makerere University and several others.  He published international research publications on improved, sustainable, low-cost for small-scale agriculture, agroforestry, soil- and water-conservation, nutrient-cycling, environment, biofuel and establishment of plants also on highly degraded and hot sites as well as guidelines and articles for magazines and newspapers. Torsten Mandal has recommendations for studies on social, economic, aid and agronomic aspects of tropical agriculture and rural development, published about them and about six years experience in rural Africa and married to a lady from western Kenyan since 1995.  He has internationally outstanding, documented expertise in solving the key problems with establishment and management of multipurpose contour hedges, live fences, nitrogen-fixing plants, recycling of ash and other nutrient-rich residues and reliable direct seeding seeds without transplanting even in hot unpredictable weather and climate.

Samuel MbalaziSamuel Mbalazi (B.Dev, M.Dev, MME), is a Management and Development Consultant at Maarifa Consult Ltd with vast experience in Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Strategic Planning and management, Organizational   Capacity Assessment, Project proposal writing and resource mobilization, Impact Assessment, advocacy, and lobbying. He has worked with local and International NGOs such as Heifer International, SNV, HIVOS, NUDIPU, Caritas, United Christian Center, Africa 2000 Network, East Africa Dairy Development Project, Makerere University and have undertaken a number of consultancy work in and outside Uganda where he has gained vast experience in NGO development

Ojoatre-SadadiOjoatre Sadadi is a senior Consultant at Maarifa Consult Ltd and Natural Resources professional with Master of Science in Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (Natural Resources Management), Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) from University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands, Master of Science Research: Accuracy of measuring Tree Height using Airborne LiDAR and Terrestrial Laser Scanner and its effect on estimating forest Biomass and Carbon stock in Ayer Hitam Tropical rainforest reserve, Malaysia, Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (IT), Makerere University, Kampala – Uganda /Amity University, Noida India, Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management, Uganda Management Institute, Kampala – Uganda, Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Management, Makerere University, Kampala – Uganda. He is a specialist in geospatial technology (GIS & Remote Sensing) applications mainly: Multispectral,Hyperspectral & temporal remote sensing; geodatabase design implementation and development; land use, land cover modelling and mapping; biomass estimation and carbon mapping using Optical, Radar and Space-borne satellites and LiDAR systems; environmental modelling, biodiversity assessment and conservation; sustainable forest management and conservation, EIA and environmental audit; project planning & management; natural resources management; statistical analysis. Creative with effective interpersonal communication and report writing skills, team building traits. Extremely flexible and able to handle several assignments at a time and integrate knowledge from different disciplines, willing to learn with the capacity to innovate. Dependable, result oriented and accountable with abilities to manage and implement projects, work plans and facilitation of workshops as well as related training and capacity building.

Adjunct Consultants

100 (5)Mugerwa George (PhD Cand), MBAFin, M.A (Econ), B.A.SS, DBA, Dip (Project Planning), George is a senior External consultant at Maarifa Consult. He is currently a Senior Consultant at Uganda Management Institute (UMI). George has acquired vast practical experience in Programme Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Capacity Building and Business Operations. He has worked with a number of organizations both indigenous and international at tactical and strategic levels. He is a focused good team leader and result oriented person.

500Innocent Nuwagaba (MBA, MMS, PGD.PSCM, PGC.M&E, CCA, BA.ED), Innocent has been a senior manager in Public Sector, Private Sector and Civil Society Organizations with over 10 years proven hands-on experience in implementing, monitoring and managing International, Regional, National and community-based development programs especially in the area of policy management, Institutional development, training & capacity building and social economic empowerment to eradicate poverty in vulnerable communities. Currently, Innocent is undertaking an assignment as a consultant in project management, procurement management, monitoring and evaluation, with Uganda management Institute which is a public management development institute with key responsibilities of conducting consultancy, research, training and building the capacity of various participants from public service, private sector and civil society at both international, National and local level in Public Sector Program and Project Management, Public Sector Monitoring and Evaluation, Modern Public Sector management, Public Procurement and disposal of Public assets, Public Transport and Fleet Management, Public Sector Performance-based contracts and result oriented Management, Public Sector Strategic Management, Public Sector Customer Care and Public Relations, Public Sector Management Information Systems, Public and Economic policy management, Public Administration and management, Public Sector Fundraising and resource mobilization, Public Sector output oriented Budgeting and Public Expenditure Tracking and Service Delivery Surveys and Public Sector Operations Innocent is currently one of the key facilitators on the Master of Business administration (MBA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), Master of Public Procurement (MPP), Master of Science in Management, Various Post Graduate Diploma, Diploma, and Short Course Programs. Innocent also participated in designing, planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and managing the world Bank Funded program of conducting consultancy, research , training and building the capacity of various stakeholders from public service, private sector and civil society organizations in Program and Project Monitoring and Evaluation at Uganda Management Institute. Innocent has also worked as the National Director of Programs with Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans, with key responsibilities of ensuring that quarterly and annual work plans and budgets are developed for the different Core Program Areas being implemented, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of all the different projects to ensure that actual performance is in line with the set performance standard and supervising the program managers that are managing the various programs and projects being implemented. Innocent also has done training and capacity building of the public sector, private sector and civil society organizations such as Uganda Bureau of Statistics in procurement and Finance, Africa Renewal Ministries in Management skills, Danish refugee agency in Program Management, MFPED and National Authoring Unit of EU in program management, African Capacity Development and Research Institute in Monitoring and Evaluation, Kyambogo University in Customer Care and Public Relations.